How to Play Live Dealer Blackjack (21)

You will be given a choice as an Australian online Blackjack player of two different ways that you can play a huge variety of different Blackjack game variants online. One way you can access a range of Blackjack games is by utilizing a gaming platform that offers a range of software driven games, however when using such a gaming platform each card dealt out of the cyber deck is determined by a random number generator.

However, it is true to say that the second type of Blackjack games you can play online are much more popular with Australian players and those games are the live dealer Blackjack games. You will be playing against a real life dealer when playing those types of Blackjack game online and will be able to track each stage of the game in real time thanks to a live video link up with the gaming venue they are being played in.

Not only are you able to play against real life dealers when playing live Blackjack games online but thanks to an onscreen chat room you will be able to interact with the dealers and also the other players who are playing at the same table.

If you have played software driven, random number generator controlled casino games online before, you may have found them to be quite different than live Blackjack games as you are playing a solitary type of game and will be able to play much more games per session due to the nature of their design.

Often when a player experiences a long series of losing outcomes on any software driven Blackjack game they can be left with a sense that something is not quite right with those games, even though they are completely random.

That is the main reason why more and more players are opting to play live Blackjack games as you are going to find they are played at a more normal pace much like when you are playing in a land based casino.

The way you play live dealer Blackjack is easy to understand you simply need to find an online casino offering a live dealer gaming platform and sign up to that site. Next you will need to make a real money deposit into your casino account and then select a variant to play which has table stake limits that are suitable for your gaming bankroll and your playing style.

Benefits of Playing Live Blackjack

If you are interested in playing live Blackjack game online then please do read on for we will now enlighten you as to the many benefits that will be available to you and coming your way when you do give any of those types of Blackjack games any amount o play time online.

Simple Betting Structure – Once you have funded your casino account and launched the live dealer Blackjack game variant that appeals to you then all that remains to do is to place your initial wager onto the Blackjack table. By pointing you mouse at your betting box and clicking your preferred number of chips of your chosen value onto that betting box you are then going to be involved in the next game played.

Multiple Game Variants – Another aspect to you choosing to play live Dealer Blackjack games is that you will have a wide range of different variants available. Obviously much like when you play Blackjack anywhere you will be looking for the game which returns the very lowest house edge when you play those games optimally.

Social Playing Environment – Having the ability to chat to the dealers and other players sat around your chosen Blackjack table is going to allow you to have a much more enjoyable gaming experience if of course you like a little banter when playing Blackjack. You can however turn off the chat room feature should you prefer to concentrate solely on playing off each hand dealt out to you.

Licensed Gaming Venues – One final point to note is that all live casinos listed and showcased throughout our website (such as Royal Vegas Casino) all hold a full gambling license, as such all of their dealers and fully trained and the Blackjack games are played in accordance with the standard game play rules and are played in a fully regulated environment.


  1. Black Jack says

    It is certain that there are many reasons in favor of this dynamic playing games over the Internet. If you try to play 21 blackjack online, you might realize how good and amazing experience.

  2. Angry Bird says

    In a conventional casino, the minimum bet is usually $ 5, and then it can raise up to $ 10. This means that each player must place the bet still, and more – this means that new players need to invest so much. What if you do not have enough experience in this game? Do you want every time that you put $ 10 in order to overcome the basic skills?

  3. Black Jack says

    While in the traditional casino the most common case of playing against several opponents, including the house, online casino gives you a great opportunity to compete only against the dealer. When there is more players, there is always the problem of their knowledge…

  4. Daniel Jackson says

    The biggest drawback of this game is that online blackjack virtually eliminates the possibility of counting cards, because casinos can often play with more decks. But if you play with only one deck, giving you the ability to primjeniš a strategy, count cards and beat the house.

  5. Sammy the Pro Player says

    Perhaps the biggest advantage of blackjack games online is a progressive jackpot. Top casinos allow all players to gain progressive jackpot, which can grow to new heights. The best players in this way can provide a high amount of money, which will solve many questions of life! Every time you play a new hand, the system adds the predetermined amount of money. This amount continues to grow. If at the end you win a 21 blackjack game, you’ll get the progressive jackpot!

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