Live Casinos: Best Games with real money and dealers

With so many things going virtual, several online casinos have flipped the script to provide users with online live dealer casino games for real money. Nothing beats the atmosphere, sounds and colors of a bricks and mortar casino, however, be it work, location or family commitments, some of us don’t have the time or feel comfortable visiting an actual casino.

Over the last few years, a number of reputable online casinos such as Royal Vegas Casino and 888Casino have introduced real money live dealer casino games such as blackjack and roulette. The demand for Internet live dealer casinos that offer players real money games has turned into a huge sensation and more and more online casinos are now jumping on the bandwagon.

How does an online live dealer casino work?

Good question. Online live dealer casinos operate by providing you a live stream via the casino client to your laptop, tablet or mobile device. The stream is in real-time and you can see every action the dealer makes, from every card they turn over, to every spin of the roulette wheel or the throw of a dice. Most online casinos that offer live dealer games allow you to communicate with the dealers, ask questions and even have some table talk and banter, unlike typical online games that use virtual 2d or 3d animation.

Cards are physical objects which are shuffled in front of you on screen to ensure complete integrity of each game. In a nutshell, an online live casino for real money imitates the feel of actually being there in the casino, while you’re in the comfort of your own home.

Which casino games offer live dealers for real money?

Live dealer casino game selection depends from site to site, but usually five are offered, these games are:

Each online casino may have different variations of each game, for example, Royal Casino offers European and French roulette tables, while 888 offers traditional roulette only.

The fairest game without strategy: Baccarat

Baccarat is a game that is basically very simple and no strategy is required – you have no influence on the outcome of the game. Nevertheless, or maybe just because of that, this game is also so popular at live casinos. This is because the payout (RTP) is almost 99% and this without having to spend a lot of time on strategies like at the blackjack tables.

For live dealer Baccarat, there are now several variants such as Lightning Baccarat:

Before each game, cards are drawn to increase the payout even more. What is interesting about Baccarat is that you can bet on the player, the bank or a tie. So you don’t automatically lose if the player loses, but you can make big winnings, especially if there is a tie.

We deal intensively with live dealer Baccarat at

Benefits of playing with live dealers at online casinos

Playing online using live dealers casinos brings with it several benefits, they include:
Piece of mind – The most obvious benefit is players are 100% sure the integrity of the games are true, as you can see everything that is going on. You get the added piece of mind that you may not otherwise get playing virtual casino games for real money.

Faster action – Because you’re playing via the Internet, each win is paid to you virtually, meaning chips needn’t be counted out after each spin or hand. The time saved results in you playing more hands or seeing a higher number of spins per-hour compared to a bricks and mortar casino.
Great for beginners – Your typical bricks and mortar casino will have high minimum bets for each table that usually start from $5 up. Depending on the online casino you choose, you can place bets from as little as $0.50 up allowing you to play within your limits, while enjoying an experience that you cannot experience anywhere else.

Less intimidating – Grabbing a chair at a blackjack table or placing chips on the felt of a roulette wheel can be a daunting experience and leave players feeling scared or intimidated. Playing at online casino using live dealers for real money takes the stress and anxiety away, leaving the fun, banter and experience for you to enjoy.

Who can play?

Each online casino has its own rules when accepting players from various countries. Generally speaking, players from European countries tend to have full access to most online casinos, whereas players from the US may have fewer options. We strongly suggest checking each online casino to see if your country is allowed to play before signing up. But the bottom line is this: you can play from United States, but you just need to find the right casino.

As for devices, most online casinos live dealer games will work on all popular mobile and tablet devices including your computer and other devices. Since the games are streamed live, we suggest using a strong Wi-Fi connection to ensure a smooth stream throughout your play.

As we continue to move into the ‘information age’, we are sure to see more top online casinos such as, 888 and Royal Vegas increase the amount of live dealer casino games for real money they offer. Playing casino games online has never be more exciting, you can bet, win and have fun from the comfort of your own living room while talking to players and dealers at your table.

FAQ about Live Dealer Casinos

Can I play live dealer casino for free?

The simple answer is yes. But it is not that simple. Live dealer casino games require significant cost to operate, and that includes real and professional human dealers and the studio, among other expenses. Big online casinos run free trials, no deposit offers, and related promotions from time to time, but you won’t get to win real money with commitment.

How can I deposit or withdraw from a live dealer casino?

There are several payment methods, depending on the live dealer casino you settled for. Most of the online casinos support payments by credit/debit cards, e-wallets, wire transfer, and bank transfers. The innovative and new online casinos process payment with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

What type of casino games are offered in a live dealer casino?

Live dealer casinos give an immersive casino feel to the popular online casino games. Games like live dealer blackjack, live dealer roulette, and live dealer baccarat is a staple in live dealer casinos. Since casinos are all about playing games and having fun, we give special consideration to live dealer casinos with exciting game options.


  1. says

    I must admit, Live Casino is a real revolution in the online casino industry. Today, thanks to advances in technology, operators are able to provide its customers with a unique and unforgettable casino experience.

    Watching transmission via computer as the live dealer throws balls at roulette, the cards at poker or blackjack is an experience that is closest to the action in a real casino. As much as the years of online casino gambling struggled to prove their honesty and fair payment, the players have never been fully satisfied because there was always the possibility that the computer manipulated with numbers, even if it were randomly drawn.

    A Casino where a live croupier deals the cards and dices is the progress in this field, so the huge popularity of Live Casino games for all players is not surprising.

  2. says

    The best thing about playing live blackjack or live roulette in the live casino, you can not only win million high jackpots in euros, but you can enjoy the real-live casino experience, with the comfort of your home as well as with the company of your friends.

  3. says

    I’ve read it all you said here, still have some issues about the live dealer games. There is a matter of trust, because somehow I have more faith in RNGs than live dealers.

  4. Tawnee says

    Once the casino existed only in major cities, and it was very complicated to get there. It took a separate money for travel and accommodation, because no one comes to play only one game and go back home. Today that money can use a completely different way, playing casino games online! Yes, that’s right, you read it well. You do not have to travel far and waiting to play your favorite games. It is only necessary to have an internet connection, and all the best casino games online you can play not only on PC, but also on mobile devices. So, not only need to sit in the house to play casino. Now the online casino available on your mobile and tablet, and of course on your laptop.

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