How to Play Live Roulette

One of the many different live casino games that may be of interest to Australian players is the game of Roulette, and much like all other live games found at many casinos online you will find there are several differences in the way this game is played when compared to playing the software driven version of this game.

Your very first task will of course be to find an online casino site that offers a range of live casino games to Aussie players. With that in mind it is worth noting that all of our featured casino sites have been granted a full gambling licence, and as such their live game platforms operate to the same high standards as all land based casino venues do.

Once you have signed up to a casino online offering a suite of live casino games you simply have to make a deposit into that casino site using one of the many different methods of doing so which are found on the banking interface. Next simply select the Roulette game from the menu and that game will then launch onto your computer screen.

Once the live Roulette game window has launched you will then be able to see via a live video link up the Roulette table along with the croupier. If there is currently a game in play you will have to wait until that game has finished and for the dealer to then announce “place your bets”.

You will then have to select the chip values that you would like to place on the betting layout, and you will have until the onscreen timer counts down to zero and the croupier announces “no more bets” to place your chosen wagers onto the betting layout.

At that point in time the croupier will pick up the ball and then launch it around the rim of the Roulette table whilst setting the wheel into motion. The camera will then pan onto the wheel and you will be able to watch as the ball eventually stops spinning and then falls into one of the number wells.

If you have placed a winning bet once the ball has landed in the winning numbers ball well then you will be paid out automatically and those winnings will be instantly added to your casino account balance. The croupier will then announce “place your bets” and the next game will get underway.

Benefits of Playing Live Roulette

You may be wondering what benefits if any there are of playing Roulette in a live format as opposed to playing the more standard software driven versions of this popular table game that can be found in many online casinos, and below is an overview of each of the main benefits of playing live Roulette.

Game Variants – The most commonly found live Roulette game variant at most live casino sites is the European Roulette variant. As such you will be playing a game offering a 2.70% house edge which is considerably lower than the 5.26% house edge the American variant has on offer which is found in the gaming suite of many standard online casinos.

Player Interaction – When playing live Roulette you will also have the ability via an onscreen chat room to interact to the croupiers and other players sat around your chosen Roulette table. Whilst you are not obliged to use the chat room it does give a much more social environment when compared to software driven Roulette games where you will be playing a single player version of Roulette with no one else to interact with!

Table Stake Limits – Another of the benefits of choosing to play live Roulette is that you will find the table stake limits are quite varied. That will ensure that you are going to be able to select a table offering you a range of low and high table stake limits that fits in with your playing style and playing budget.

Comps and Bonuses – You will find just as many comp points are going to be awarded to you when you play live Roulette as are awarded to you when playing Roulette any other way, and you will also find many casino sites offer their Roulette players plenty of new player and ongoing bonus offers too.


  1. Silver Surfer says

    Roulette is one of the most classic casino games, and you can find it now in the most traditional and also in online casinos. Of course, there’s a live dealer version too, which is really goo. For those who still don’t know, the roots of the game go all the way back to the 18th century, and thanks to the wonders of modern technology, now we can play roulette online and on their computers. The aim of the game of roulette is to pick the winning number that will appear on the roulette wheel. You can bet on a whole combination of numbers or choose the color. Although the words appears very simple, in fact it is not as easy as it looks.

  2. Kevin says

    When looking for the best online games finally choose a real online casino site on which you will play, it is necessary to respect the rules. First of all, you have to buy special chips for roulette online when you enter a room where the roulette game. These chips are only valid at that table and if you plan to continue to play other online games, you have to first cashed. Each roulette board has a minimum and maximum bet. Remember, the bets “inside bets” with the “outside bets” can not be combined in order to satisfy the minimum amount.

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