Skrill for Live Dealer Casinos

What is Skrill?

Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers) is an online electronic wallet that has been operating since 2001, providing simple and fast money transfers since then to consumers and businesses across the world. From small beginnings this brand has grown to become one of the most trusted online money transfer systems available, and is especially popular within the online gambling world as an easy, no-fuss method to fund gaming accounts as well as to collect winnings. The majority of casinos now accept Skrill as a payment method, including the majority of the Live Dealer Casinos listed on these pages.

Advantages of Skrill

One of the main advantages when it comes to using Skrill to fund your online casino account is the simplicity of the system. It is free to open an account, and registering your details takes just a few minutes. Skrill asks all of its customers to provide proof of identity in the form of scanned documents, and the minor inconvenience of sending these is greatly out-weighed by the fact that this enhances the security of this widely respected payment method as it combats fraudulent behavior. A major plus for online gamblers is the fact that unlike some banks and other payment methods which do not allow funding of gambling sites, Skrill works in partnership with major betting sites to ensure smooth and fast deposits and withdrawals.

Disadvantages of Skrill

One disadvantage with Skrill when compared to credit cards or bank transfers is that it adds an extra layer between the user and his cash. Instead of depositing money directly from your bank account to an online live dealer casino, you must now go through Skrill as an intermediary. Naturally this means there are fees involved, although only when uploading funds to your Skrill account as making deposits and withdrawals to and from an online casino are usually free. As with any online wallet, there is a trust factor involved which some customers will find difficult to overcome. Despite a proven track record for over 15 years, there are still people who distrust the idea of an electronic wallet and that is something that only time can overcome.


In a world where some banks and payment methods are extremely cautious about even allowing funding of online gambling sites, Skrill is a breath of fresh air. They actively target the online betting market and offer special bonuses for funding accounts of particular sites using Skrill wallets. This is a cheap and easy way to fund your live dealer casino account, and should definitely be considered when it comes to choosing a payment method.

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