Best live Dealer Casinos 2020 for all players

You will never want to run the risk of having any type of problems when playing at a live dealer casino site and with there being so many of them available it can often be hard for a player to pick out and select the top rated ones which are going to guarantee them an unsurpassed type of live dealer gaming experience.

We have put together the following guide which will highlight several individual benefits and qualities that you should be demanding from any live dealer casino site you choose to play at. With that in mind please read it through as by doing so you will be able to know what to look out for when you are next hunting around the web for a new casino site at which to play at!

There will always be different rules and payouts attached to the games you will find at different live dealer casino sites so always be prepared to spend some time looking at how each available game plays and pays at any casino site that has taken your fancy!

One other thing to note that you will not able to play live dealer casino games for free as due to the nature of the games they are only available to real money players, but plenty of different banking options will be available to you at each site you can play at!

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How to Find the Best Live Dealer Casino

There is one sure fire way that you are always going to be able to pick out the very best live dealer casinos at which to play at, and that is by sticking to those casinos we have handpicked to showcase and present to you on this website!

We have tested out each live dealer casino listed throughout this website and have ensured that they offer fair and random games the very best software and gaming platforms and when you win you are never going to experience any delays getting paid out your winnings.

Please also read on for in the section below we are going to look at and introduce you to several additional ways that you can get an unsurpassed online live dealer casino game playing experience and one you will be more than happy to return to once you have experienced this brand new way of accessing casino games in a real money and real life playing environment!

How to Avoid Getting Scammed

You will never want to get scammed when playing any type of live dealer casino game, and with this in mind always look out for casino sites that offer you all of the following qualities and benefits.

Licensed Casinos – Always ensure that any live dealer casino site you are thinking of playing at holds a gambling license. This is very important as there are many casino sites out there that are not licensed or regulated in any way!

By only ever playing at a fully licensed live dealer casino site you will be assured that the dealers and the casinos operate to the highest industry standards and the casinos are overseen on an ongoing basis so fair games and fair play will always be guaranteed at those casino sites.

Plus you are also going to be able to access your full gaming history and gaming logs, and if you do ever run into any type of problems the licensing authority will always be on hand to help you get a resolution to those problems.

Gaming Platforms – You are going to find that all of the major and well established casino game and gaming platform suppliers will have their own unique live dealer platform and you are best advised to stick to playing on those tried and tested gaming platforms as you are highly unlikely to run into any types of problems when doing so!

Winning Payouts – One other aspect to playing live dealer casino games is that you will never want to have to put up with poor payout odds based on the game you have chosen to play. With that in mind you should be for example looking for blackjack games that offer a 3 to 2 winning payout for an unmatched winning players blackjack hand and not the lower valued 6 to 5 winning payouts.

To make picking a top rated live dealer casino site as easy as is possible we have listed and reviewed several of them throughout this website and as such you will never have any problems when you choose to play at those casino sites.

Playing at Live Dealer casinos

Gambling at live dealer casinos is the only avenue some players have to experience the real thing. For most players, the closest bricks and mortar casino may be thousands of miles away, the next best thing? Live dealer casinos of course. Live dealer casinos are becoming the new thing for betting online and is taking the online gambling world by storm.

How does a live dealer casinos work?

A typical live dealer casino is kind of like a hybrid casino, it’s a mixture between a bricks and mortar and an online casino. It takes all the aspects of an actual casino and then transport it to a PC or mobile device. A live dealer casino has all the options a regular casino offers and even allows players to chat to staff and other players.

Why use a live dealer casino over a virtual casino?

Good question. Well there’s several reasons why gamblers are opting for live dealer casinos over their virtual counterparts, they include:

Realism – Playing at a live dealer casino is much more realistic than watching a 2D or 3D animation. Live dealer games immense you with stunning visual, sounds and an atmosphere that cannot be matched by any virtual casinos.

Peace of mind – Have you ever played several hands of online blackjack without winning a hand, then start doubting the creditability of the games? Live dealer casinos show you real-time video streams of the table you’re sitting at. If playing blackjack, players can see every shuffle, deal and burn of the deck to ensure the integrity of the game stays true. When playing roulette, every spin of the wheel and outcome can be seen right as it happens, giving players total piece of mind.

Every action performed is done in front of your eyes in plain sight.

Fun – Come on, let’s be honest, playing at a live dealer casino is way more awesome than playing at a virtual casino. Gamblers can talk to the staff, have some fun and get a feel for what it would be like to play in an actual casino.

Cheaper – Some bricks and mortar casinos have extremely high minimum bets which isolate a lot of players from every setting foot inside a casino. Since the overheads of running a US live dealer casino is much lower, US players can bet in smaller increments at all live dealer games compared to visiting an actual casino.

Perfect for beginners – Picking a live dealer casino is the perfect way to play casino games without feeling intimidated. Some gamblers feel nervous or extremely shy if they make a mistake at blackjack or don’t fully understand the rules of roulette. Live dealer casinos act like a bridge that can educate new players on how things work at an actual casino table. Every option US betters need to make is clearly labelled on the screen meaning it’s impossible to make any mistakes.

Most live dealer casinos have a help section that fully explains the rules, sometimes with videos.

Live dealer games available

Typically, there are four types of live dealer games offered, they are:
live blackjack – Any casino offering live dealer games will always offer at least one live blackjack table. Keep in mind there are several blackjack variations and some live dealer casinos will offer different game types than others.

live roulette – Gamblers will find it impossible to find a live dealer casino that doesn’t offer live roulette. Roulette is the most popular casino game that doesn’t use cards, and can be found at every live dealer casino. There are several variations of live roulette which include: London roulette, American roulette, European roulette, French roulette, traditional roulette and immersive roulette.

live baccarat –Just behind blackjack in popularity, live baccarat is the final game you should expect in the staple of live dealer games at online casinos. As with roulette and blackjack, expect to see different variations of this game at each online casino.

live casino Hold’em – Not as popular as the other three but still just as fun. Not all live dealer casinos offer casino Hold’em but more and more live dealer casinos are adding it to their list of games.

Can I play on my mobile device?

Yes, US players can play for real money on their mobile device. Keep in mind that not every US friendly live dealer casino is compatible with your mobile device.

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  1. Martin Richards says

    People constantly want to have fun and try to turn their thoughts off the difficult everyday life in which we live. One of the best ways in which you can at the same time and have fun and make money playing online casino games. If you want to sometimes play some of the games that you can find online, anywhere and at any time? In addition, the casino sites may offer bonuses and promotional codes that can be used at all, or only to some casino games. Best online casinos tend to be very generous when promotions no deposit casino bonuses in question, was to give them the old members or to attract new players. Sounds interesting, right?

  2. Andy Caroll says

    When someone tells you that you can play casino games without going to the casino, you will surely wonder how it was possible. In the minds of ordinary players still image of the traditional casinos and to any of those best. When we say a casino, everybody will first think of Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. Playing in such casinos regularly is fraught with high costs. Not everyone have the opportunity or money to travel to these cities to look for a good time in some of the renowned casino. Therefore the live dealer casino is a growing popular entertainment, enjoyed by players of all ages. The cozy corner of their living room, with a computer or any other gadget, now you can enjoy playing casino games.

  3. Fergie says

    At this moment, on the Internet there are hundreds of online casinos and certainly that new players have very difficult choice when they want to play casino games. It is true that the whole of this number that is available, there are some very good, but also some very bad sites.

  4. Silver Surfer says

    Let’s say you chose the online casino in line with your expectations. Next what will happen is that you go on their website. At the start of checking whether accept one payment option that you want to use it, and then read the conditions for the game and any bonuses that you can take over.

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