Highest RTPs of live Dealer Games Compared

Live players are not always interested in the RTP, i.e. the payout of a game. They’re more interested in having fun, whether the dealer looks good, the ambience is right, and so on. You don’t like to deal with numbers. However, if you play for a long time and with higher stakes, you should consider the RTP.

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The RTP is the abbreviation for Return to Player and gives the average value of how much of the bet goes back to the player. The RTP must therefore be between 0 and 100%. At 0% the game would simply eat the money and the player would never get anything back. An RTP above 100% makes no sense for the casino as it would otherwise make losses and pay out more to the player than he wagers. Normally the RTPs in reputable casinos and normal games range between 94% and 99%. The latter is already very rare and only reserved for certain games. With classic games like Roulette or Blackjack there is very little room for manoeuvre how to change the RTP. That’s why it’s all the other live dealer games that make it so interesting. Because there are some surprises.

Unfortunately only very few live dealer manufacturers publish their RTPs. And if these are not published or somehow leaked out it is not possible to determine them. One would then have to play a certain game staking millions of times and keep exact records. And even then one could determine the RTP only roughly.

The games with the highest RTP

Now let’s have a look at the games that offer the highest RTP among the live dealer games. Currently we only have data from two live dealer providers which are very big: Playtech and Evolution. Both also offer a lot of possibilities and a very fair payout.

1st place: Infinite Blackjack by Evolution: 99,51%.

2nd place: First Person Blackjack by Evolution: 99,21%

3rd place: 2 Hand Casino Hold’em from Evolution: 99.18%

4th place: Prestige Mini, Mini and Grand Baccarat Live by Playtech: 98.94%

5th place: Golden Baccarat Live by Playtech: 98.77%

6th place: Free Bet Blackjack by Evolution: 98,45%

Should one now simply go for the highest RTP? Certainly not. If you don’t know how to play Blackjack or Baccarat you will have a problem finding an alternative game. But if you like to play Blackjack or Baccarat now, you will simply take one of the top RTP games listed above and be better on the bottom line. Especially the payouts of 99% and more are very rare and should be appreciated accordingly.

Games with low RTP

The games with low RTP are usually not Roulette, Blackjack or Baccarat games. Because here the RTPs are given more or less by nature. If you don’t necessarily play at an American Roulette table, you won’t be able to do much wrong.

There are some special games that also include licenses such as Monopoly or Deal or no Deal with basically rather poor pay out. But the bottom line is that the RTPs are still acceptable for the entertainment you get for it.

1st place: Deal or No Deal Live by Evolution: 95.42%

2nd place: Monopoly Live by Evolution: 96.23%

3rd place: Hi-Lo Live by Playtech: 96.45%

4th place: Evolution’s Car Roulette VIP: 96.63%.

5th place: Spin a Win by Playtech: 97.22%

6th place: Super Sic Bo by Evolution: 97,22%

RTPs of the best-known live dealer providers

In the following we list the RTPs of the games that are known. Unfortunately only very few providers give these data and then also not of all games. That means there exist more games whose RTP is not known to us from these providers.

Evolution Gaming

Infinite Blackjack99,51 %
First Person Blackjack99,21 %
2 Hand Casino Hold‘em99,18 %
Free Bet Blackjack98,45 %
First Person Roulette97,30 %
Immersive Roulette97,30 %
Super Sic Bo97,22 %
Auto Roulette VIP96,63 %
Monopoly Live96,23 %
Deal or no Deal Live95,42 %


Prestige Mini Baccarat Live98,94 %
Mini Baccarat Live98,94 %
Grand Baccarat Live98,94 %
Golden Baccarat Live98,77 %
Prestige Roulette Live97,84 %
Casino Hold‘em Live97,84 %
Roulette Live97,30 %
Grand Roulette Live97,30 %
Pearl Roulette Live97,30 %
Spin a Win97,22 %
Hi-Lo Live96,45 %