Top 3 Live Dealer Casinos with PayPal Deposit Options

We recently discussed our top 3 live dealer casinos offering Skrill as a payment method, in this article will focus on online casinos that offer PayPal. PayPal is undoubtedly the most famous online eWallet in the world allowing players from almost any country to deposit and withdraw from online casinos. As of today, PayPal offers 25 different currency options to online gamblers from 193 countries. So wherever you’re from, chances are you can use PayPal to deposit and play at several live dealer casinos online.

How PayPal works with online casinos

Depositing at online casinos using PayPal is pretty much the exact same process as using a credit or debit card. You select PayPal as your deposit method via the client, then you will be re-directed to the PayPal homepage where you will be asked to login. Once logged in, it will ask you if you wish to confirm your PayPal deposit to your selected live dealer casino. Press confirm and you’re done.

Withdrawing works the same way, you simply enter in your username and password, select the amount you wish to withdraw, and that’s it!

Why Use PayPal?

eWallets such as PayPal are commonly used by online betters for several reasons, they include:

Ease of use – Entering in a username and password to deposit or withdraw money from live dealer casinos is a much simpler process than entering your card details. As mentioned in other articles, some banks may block gambling transactions as a standard security measure, meaning you could be waiting days before you’re sitting at the tables. Transferring money from your PayPal account to a live dealer casino online takes only a few clicks, and within minutes you can be chatting with the live dealers and having fun.

Great for all players – Some online casinos instantly reject any deposits that come from a US bank account. However, players from most countries who have an active PayPal account can deposit at live dealer casinos with a lot less problems.

Choice of currencies – Certain online casinos only allow you to play in certain currencies, and you’re sometimes forced to pay a huge conversion fee by your bank when you come to withdraw. PayPal allows gamblers to select up to 25 currency options ensuring they avoid costly exchange rates compared to other deposit methods.

As of right now, PayPal services 196 countries, this includes gamblers from most countries.

Top 3 live dealer casinos that Use PayPal as a payment processer

  1. Spin Palace

Spin Palace casino is apart of the Microgaming network and offers it’s very own live dealer casino games, with PayPal as a payment method. Spin Palace offers 3 live dealer casino games which are baccarat, roulette and blackjack. Alongside that, they also offer a number of slot machines titles and virtual casino games.

Spin Palace is a mobile friendly casino and will work on your mobile device.

Using PayPal with Spin Palace

There is no deposit or withdrawal fees for players who use PayPal, nor are they changed for transferring funds throughout their account Spin Palace account. If a player’s PayPal account has insufficient funds, they can use a plethora of cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and even American Express to upload funds via PayPal. Spin Palace supports currencies in USD, CAD, AUD, GBP and EUR.

Deposit time – Instant

Withdrawal time – 1-3 business days

Gamblers can use PayPal to deposit and still be eligible for the Spin Palace signup bonus.

  1. 888 Casino

888Casino is powered by Evolution Gaming and it too offers betters the option of using PayPal to deposit to play at their live dealer casino. 888Casino have their own independent poker client and offer several other casino and slot machine games. 888Casino currently has 3 live dealer games, they are blackjack, roulette and baccarat.

Using PayPal with 888Casino

Deposits and withdrawals using PayPal at 888Casino involve no fees and can be used to play live dealer games or transferred between accounts to play poker. As with Spin Palace, if punters have no money in their PayPal account, they can use a number or cards to fund the transfer. 888Casino supports currencies in USD, CAD, GBP and EUR.

Deposit time – Instant

Withdrawal time – 1-3 business days

Using PayPal to deposit at 888Casino still makes punters eligible for the signup bonus.

  1. Platinum Play

Platinum Play casino runs on the same network as Spin Palace, and offers gamers the option of PayPal to play at their live dealer casinos. Platinum Play also offers video poker, online casino games, slots and progressive jackpots.

Using PayPal with Platinum Play

As with every other casino mentioned, Platinum Play implements no fees for depositing or withdrawing using PayPal. If a player’s PayPal account has insufficient funds, they can opt to use several different card methods to reload and hit the live dealer tables. Platinum Play casino accepts currencies in AUS, CAD, EUR, GBP, SEK and USD.

Deposit time – Instant

Withdrawal time – 2-4 business days

Using PayPal to deposit at Platinum Play will qualify gamblers to take part in the signup bonus.

PayPal is a simple way to get money onto online casinos with very little hassle. PayPal also has it’s own mobile app which can be downloaded on Android, Apple and Windows devices, or be visited via your mobile device web browser. Leveraging eWallet systems like PayPal allows you to quickly put money on online casinos that offers live dealer casinos whether you’re on the train, on your lunch break or in the comfort of your own home.

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