Live Casino Baccarat: Play online with real dealers & money

The only major difference between you playing Baccarat in a land based casino or at one of the live casino sites available online is that by doing the latter you can be sat in the comfort of your own home! There are many online casinos now offering their players a live gaming platform and more and more player are logging onto those sites to play live Baccarat at all times of the day or night.

Baccarat is of course one of the easiest to play casino card games, for there can only ever be three possible outcomes of each game played, and you will be able to place a wager on any of those possible outcomes, and for a stake level of your own choosing.

Live Baccarat is played via a gaming platform that allows you to see a real life Baccarat game being played in a land based gaming venue, and those venues are of course fully licensed and regulated which means you will be playing a completely fair game and one that you are always going to be able to keep track of and monitor via the live video link up.

For players to be able to start playing live Baccarat online you will first have to open up a casino account at any of our featured and top rated casino sites, and once you have logged into your account you then need to launch the banking interface and make a deposit into your account.

You then simply click on the live Baccarat game and that games window will be launched and a live video link will then be established with the casino venue that Baccarat game is being played in. You then will be allocated a seat around that Baccarat table and when instructed you can then place your wager on whichever wagering opportunity you wish to place you chips on and then once the onscreen timer clicks down to zero the dealer will then start to deal out the cards.

The three possible betting options which you can place your wager on, which you do by pointing and clicking your mouse on the chosen betting box are the Banker bet, the Player bet and the tied hand.

The dealer will deal out a set number of cards to both the Bankers and Players hand and the hand which has a value as close to nine as is possible will be deemed to be the winning hand. If both hands have the same value then that game is a tie.

Benefits of Playing Live Baccarat

Should you fancy giving the live Baccarat casino games some play time online then below you will find the many additional benefits that will be coming your way when you do give those games some play time.

Payout Odds – You will not be making any compromises in regards to the payout odds on offer to you on each of the possible outcome of each hand of live Baccarat you play. You will be paid out at odds of even money when you place a winning Players hand bet, and the Bakers hand also returns a payout of even money less a 5% house commission.

The Tied hand bets payout odds can however vary from site to site so always look out for a site offering the highest odds if that is the type of bet you are looking to place.

Chip Values and Table Limits – All live dealer Baccarat games are going to offer you a range of different minimum and maximum table stake limits and as such you will have no problems what so ever being able to locate a game which you can comfortably afford to play.

Game History – You will also be able to keep track of every hand you have every played as all of our casinos allow you to view your own gaming logs. Plus you will also see displayed on the live Baccarat tables a game history of the last few hands played off and as such if you like following trends then you will always be able to see just which hands have been winning he most recently on the table you are playing.

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