Best Deposit Methods for Singaporean live Dealer Casino Players

When choosing an online casino to play with, deposit and cashout methods are an important thing to consider. After all, we all want to play on a casino where we will have plenty of depositing options and where our withdrawals will be safe and quick.

For Singaporean players, online casino banking is not a big problem, as there are plenty of payment methods that allow the citizens of Singapore to use them to process their payments. Let us consider some of the most common payment methods in Singapore and their pros and cons.

Visa Cards

One of the most popular providers of credit and debit cards in the world is Visa. The internationally accepted credit cards make for an easy and fast way of making payments, and nearly any bank in Singapore and worldwide can provide them.

Visa deposits are usually processed instantly at online casinos. The slight disadvantage of using Visa in online casinos is that users have to type out their credit card number and CCV when making deposits, which can make the information vulnerable to external attacks. Nevertheless, while playing on a safe online casino, your info will be protected on their end and all you need to do is make sure your computer is not under direct attack, which rarely happens.

Visa cashouts can take up to a week at times, which is another slight con of using a Visa for online gambling. Yet, the convenience of this payment method and the sheer popularity of the cards make Visa one of the most common payment methods for online casino players in Singapore.


eNETS is a company that operates exclusively in Asia, making Singapore one of its main target markets. The company provides fast and reliable payments for account holders of various Asian banks, with all the major banks supported. This service allows users to make online payments using their credit and debit cards issued by these banks, without having to provide their banking details to any casino providers directly, making it a convenient way to bank online.

The service features extremely easy use, multilingual customer support for Asian customers and can be used from a variety of devices including mobile phones. If you are a holder of a bank account with a bank in Singapore, eNETS will be one of the more convenient ways to make your deposits.


One of the world’s most popular e-wallets, Skrill is a service that allows users to make deposits and cashouts from online gambling sites with few questions asked. The Skrill wallet can be loaded using cards or bank accounts from many countries of the world including Singapore.

Skrill deposits are instant with most online casinos, while the cashouts are usually also extremely fast. The main flaw of Skrill is the fact that withdrawals from the wallet to the bank account or credit card can be costly, with players losing up to 10% of their money in the process. Nevertheless, the speed and convenience that Skrill provide make it one of the most popular payment methods for players from Singapore.

Skrill serves as an intermediary between the bank and the online casino, making player’s banking details 100% safe. If you are unsure about how safe an online casino is, using Skrill will greatly diminish all your fears as you will never have to share a single piece of banking information with the casino itself.


Another world renowned e-wallet, PayPal was first invented for eCommerce use and later became an important player in online banking in general. Players can use PayPal to make deposits from their credit cards or debit cards directly, without even having to load up their accounts. In turn, PayPal protects player’s banking info, making him feel safer.

PayPal is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to make online casino deposits in Singapore and players can also use it to make speedy and cheap cashouts. Those players aiming to avoid paying the large Skrill fees can use PayPal instead and only pay a minor fee for withdrawals.


Last on our list of the most popular payment methods is Paysafecard, a pre-paid payment method that provides complete safety and anonymity. Paysafecards are bought in local stores for cash money and a code from the card is then inserted in the online casino deposit box, which makes the cash available in the player’s balance.

Paysafecard is the ultimate safety tool for online casino players, who get to keep all their banking info 100% secure and not share it with anyone. That way there is no risk of any intrusions or hacking. The one con of Paysafecard is that players cannot use it to make cashouts, which means Singaporean customers will still have to use another payment method to cash out any potential winnings.

Best Deposit Methods for Italian live Dealer Casino Players

Italians love to gamble, so much so that the Italian government decided to pass legislation which regulates the activity online and only allows a handful of online gambling operators to work in the country. Nevertheless, many online casinos continue to provide their services to Italian players while operating under international licenses, while others are regulated within the country.

With Billions of Euros being deposited by Italian players to online casinos, the question becomes, what are the best payment options for Italian players looking to gamble online. If you are curious, keep reading and find out more about the best payment methods for Italian players.

Skrill and NETELLER

Majority of all online casinos that accept Italian players, whether licensed locally or not, accept deposits via the two popular e-wallets who recently joined forces to become a single industry giant. The processors provide quick and easy deposits that are free of any charge and make online banking more safe and more anonymous.

Players using Skrill and NETELLER are not forced to share their banking details with online casinos directly, which means that even when playing with unregulated online casinos, players will not get into any trouble.

The downside of using Skrill and NETELLER are the somewhat steep cashout fees, which climb up to 10% when cashing money back into player’s banking account. The good news, however, is that players get to receive extremely fast withdrawals from online casinos, as they are often processed within hours.


And extremely popular payment method for online casino players worldwide and especially in the highly regulated markets is the Bitcoin. The popular cryptocurrency has been rising in value exponentially through the last several years, reaching new highs on a monthly basis. Bitcoin provides the kind of anonymity that no other payment method can come close to, leaving no real trace of who was using it or what they used it for.

Bitcoin is becoming so popular that many of the world’s government are starting to regulate or ban it, but Italian players can use it to make easy and anonymous online casino deposits and cashouts. The flaw of the Bitcoin is that its value changes so often but given the trend, players seem to be making money a lot more often than losing it by using Bitcoin for online transactions.


A payment method invented specifically for Italians to make online payments and run by the Italian postal office, PostePay is a somewhat unpopular but convenient payment method in Italy. The payment processor allows users to receive prepaid Visa cards which can be used to make online payments of all sorts, including online casino deposits.

PostePay cards can be used to make quick and safe deposits as well as cashouts from a variety of online casino sites. The players using PostePay also get to benefit from various promotions that the company often throws or use the cards to make other types of online payments that december not be related to online gambling at all.


CartaSi is another payment method exclusive to the Italian market. The company issues players with pre-paid Visa cards which are linked to their Skrill account and can be used to make online casino payments fast and safe. Furthermore, players can actually get some playing credit using CartaSi as the payment are only settled up to 45 days after the initial deposit is made.

CartaSi works great in protecting players against any type of fraud as they never have to share any information with the online casinos or anyone else in the middle. Players who run into any kind of issues with CartaSi can use the local Italian customer support to get instant help in their native language.

Credit Cards

Credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard can only be used to make deposits in Italy to those online casinos that have a proper license issued by the Italian government. This reduces the number of online casino venues that users can play with using their credit cards, making the payment method less popular for Italian players.

Nevertheless, credit cards remain the most popular payment method in the world and despite relatively slow cashout times and the risks involved with using credit cards online, most people still seem to believe they are safe enough to make online casino payments on a regular basis.

EcoPayz and EcoCard

Another popular e-wallet, EcoPayz is available around the world and provides another way of making online payments without sharing the banking info with the online casino. The processor also issues its own MasterCard known as EcoCard which can be used to make instant cashouts at ATMs around the world, making EcoPayz one of the easiest and fastest ways of getting your winnings out of your online casino account and into your pocket.

Best Deposit Methods for Norwegian live Dealer Casino Players

Norway and the rest of the Scandinavia have proven to be some of the world’s most lucrative online gambling markets. The country is absolutely crazy about online gambling, making many local online casinos rise and many international online casino throw millions into marketing for the Norwegian market.

Considering the fact that so many online casinos offer their services to Norwegian players, it is important to also note which payment methods online casino players from Norway can use to make their casino deposits and cashouts and how convenient each of them actually is.

Visa and MasterCard

Two of the most popular credit and debit card brands in the world, Visa and MasterCard allow online casino players from Norway to make quick deposits. Since most people in Norway already have one of these cards, all they need to do is enter the digits and the deposit is made.

The downside of using credit cards for online casino payments is twofold. Firstly, cashouts requested into a credit card from an online casino can take up to seven days to process, compared to just hours when using an e-wallet. Secondly, using credit cards for online payments can be somewhat risky as hackers and other intruders can make attempts to steal your banking details.

Nevertheless, credit cards remain one of the most popular payment methods for online casino players in Norway and the development of modern security protocols has made Norwegian players safer than ever in terms of using their credit cards and debit cards online.


A payment processor that has been growing in popularity over the last few years, FundSend allows players to make quick online casino deposits from their banking account. The payment method links up to your online banking account, provided you have a bank account in one of the supported banks.

Most Norwegian players should be able to use FundSend with no major issues. While small fees to apply when using FundSend, the processor protects all your banking information and makes your payments more secure and more private.


Prepaid payment methods are easily the most private and convenient way of making online casino deposits and this is why Paysafecard has gained such popularity. The prepaid card makes online banking 100% anonymous, which means no one will ever get to see your credit card numbers or any other sensitive information.

Paysafecard can be bought in local stores and the code from the card is used to make a deposit. While the deposits using Paysafecard are instant, the method cannot be used to make withdrawals, which is somewhat inconvenient for the players, as they end up having to use another payment processor for cashouts.

Skrill and NETELLER

Without a doubt, the two most popular e-wallets on the internet, who have recently joined forces, are among the most common payment methods for online casino players in Norway. Skrill and NETELLER allow users to link up their bank accounts and credit cards to their wallet and load the wallet up with cash at any time. From this balance, online payments can be made, including online casino deposits.

Skrill and NETELLER are also among the best cashout options for most players, as payments requested into these wallets are usually processed within several hours at most online casino. The processors do charge somewhat significant fees once the player decides to cash the money out into their bank account or credit card, which is a bit of a downside.


Another very popular prepaid payment method that cannot be used for cashouts is the Ukash. The company provides vouchers which can be bought in real world stores for actual cash and redeemed for online money in online casinos and other similar service providers.

Like Paysafecard, Ukash provides an instant and safe deposit method which does not incriminate the player in any way and keep him from harm’s way. The slight disadvantage of Ukash is of course the fact that no cashouts can be made using it and that the player has to physically go out to a store, buy a voucher and come back to their device in order to make their deposit, which seems a bit old fashioned in this day and age.


Somewhat less popular, but still used quite frequently by Norwegian casino players, WebMoney is an online e-wallet which allows users to fund their casino accounts in a safe and fast way. Users link up their credit cards with WebMoney and can use this money to make online casino deposits. WebMoney can also be used to make cashouts, which is an advantage it has over some other payment processors. Furthermore, Norwegian players get to pay lower fees than they do when using e-wallets like Skrill or NETELLER which ultimately saves money and gives the players more money to gamble with and less to worry about.

Digital Currencies Friendly Live Dealer Casinos

Playing live dealers games using digital currencies is becoming favorite payment method for many players worldwide. That’s not surprising at all since digital currencies are truly convenient payment methods and thanks to the strength of modern desktop computer configurations as well as great network speed improvements in addition to wide range of payment methods available, live dealers casinos an ultimate fun just like its earthly counterparts.

Digital currencies friendly live dealer casinos provide top ranking live dealer games, and regardless of which game you choose to play make sure you have an ample amount of digital currency coins to initiate your gaming experience. Digital currencies have become a huge trend, and digital currencies like Bitcoin, Etherium, and Litecoin offer all advantages and innovations that digital currency can bring to overall gambling experience. Keep reading to find out more and get to know digital currency advantages over more traditional payment methods.


Live dealer casinos are one of the most popular online gambling forms, and they embraced all technological advancements and brought a real gambling experience directly to your home. It took some time to Bitcoin digital currency to get there, but it caught up greatly with live dealer casino industry, so you fund your online casino account with this virtual currency.

Bitcoin is an ultimate leader when it comes to the cryptocurrency concept. This completely decentralized payment system is introduced in order to make a trusted third parties completely redundant. Also, Bitcoin isn’t issued by any certain central authority and cryptography is used in order to provide security for all of your transactions. You can rest assured that all your transactions are safe and secured. Bitcoin doesn’t form any government, so it’s not printed but mined. In other words, when Bitcoin miners verify his or her transaction that is made with Bitcoins, he or she receives a new amount of Bitcoins in the form of reward. In order to avoid stacking tons of Bitcoins by one person, there is a rule that states no more than 21 million Bitcoins will be in a calculation.

When it comes to the advantages of using Bitcoins as your funding source, you will enjoy smaller transaction fees as well as greatly improved privacy. There are no restrictions when it comes to the games you can play, so live games including baccarat, blackjack, roulette and other will be available to you at many great live dealer online venues. Bitcoin is one of the most convenient payment methods since no personal details and document checks will be needed in order to start funding your account. Also, payments processing fees are considerably lower or even non-existent. Some of the Bitcoin friendly casinos also offer best payouts and odds for players, and one such online venue is Bitstartz live dealer casino.

Bitstarz Live Dealer Casino

Bitstarz Casino is one of the best online venue destinations if you are thinking using Bitcoin as your funding source. Bitstarz casino offers great live dealer games platform powered by SofSwiss to make sure you have the best possible online gambling experience. Games are powered by well-known software providers including Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Leander Games, PocketDice, Ezugi, Euro Games Technology, Habanero, GameArt, and others. The casino holds a license issued by Curacao, so you can rest assured that you are playing at safe and reliable live dealer casino.

When it comes to the selection of live dealer games, Bitstarz Casino offers live roulette, live blackjack and live baccarat that are available in several different variations and several different languages as well. There are also some other live games including a bet on numbers and keno, and all live games are powered by NetEnt, Evolution, and Ezugi.

Bitstarz Casinos employs top-notch SSL encryption, so you know that all your personal and financial information is kept strictly between you and the casino. You can enjoy your favorite live dealer games even on the go since Bitstarz Casino offers great mobile gaming experience and games are designed to work across tablets, smartphones and desktop computers. These features are rare among live dealer casinos, so there is no surprise Bitstarz Casino is way ahead of its competition. Besides accepting Bitcoin as a payment method, this casino also accepts another greatly popular digital currency Litecoin.


Litecoin digital currency was launched in 2011 as one of the initial cryptocurrencies following Bitcoin. Litecoin is often considered to be silver to Bitcoin’s gold. Just like Bitcoin, Litecoin is based on an open source payment network which is not controlled by any government of central authority. Litecoin virtual currency uses a script as a certain proof of work, and this script can be decoded with CPUs of players grade. Litecoin features many characteristics of Bitcoin, but it should be noted that is has a quicker block generation rate as well as quicker transaction confirmation. In the live dealer casino industry, a trend of accepting Litecoin as a funding source is rapidly growing.

There are many advantages of using digital currencies like Litecoin, and if you are searching for a payment option that is virtually completely anonymous, digital currencies are a way to go. Individual transactions don’t have any name that is attached to them, so it’s impossible to tell if someone has been putting their money into online casino sites. Digital currencies often operate in those gray areas, where gambling is prohibited or in those areas where a government has attempted to prevent this kind of transactions that go to casino sites. Litecoin just like Bitcoin does not operate through regular banking systems so it can’t be regulated like some flat currencies. In other words, a central bank has no any control of it, and certain coin value can’t be devalued. When it comes to the live dealer venues that accept Litecoin as a funding source, a great choice is FortuneJack Casino.

FortuneJack Live Dealer Casino

FortuneJack is Litecoin and Bitcoin friendly casinos established in 2014. FortuneJack casino offers great live dealer games selection including live roulette, live blackjack, Dragon poker, Texas poker and Caribbean poker. Game platform is powered by well-known software providers including Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, iSoftBet, Endorphina, Pragmatic Play, Tom Horn Games, Betgames, SoftSwiss, Amatic Industries, GameArt and other.

FortuneJack Casino holds a license issued by Curacao, so you know this site is trustworthy and reliable. This casino employs latest SSL encryption, so you can rest assured that your personal information cannot be compromised in any manner. So when it comes to the Bitcoin and Litecoin gambling world, FortuneJack live dealer casino is a highly recommended online venue.


Ethereum is another digital currency that is becoming a widely popular payment method. Ethereum or Ether is launched 2015, and behind Bitcoin, it is most cryptocurrency. Etherum allows players to receive and send fund through the internet without any central authority, regulations, and taxes much like Litecoin and Bitcoin. What makes Ether different from other digital currencies is that its economy is completely based on decentralized as well as a programmable platform which uses smart contracts. These contracts are used in order to design effective organization system for and type of projects including gambling sites, apps, and even enterprise solutions. All Etherium transactions are made in ETH or Ether unit.

The nature of Etherium is perfect for gambling sites since it makes it hard for various scams to occur since all Etherium smart contracts have to be verified by consumers. You can rest assured that your money can’t be taken without your permission. Just like Bitcoins, Esthers can be transferred and traded worldwide and stored in certain wallets by institutions or consumers. Etherium as funding source holds many great advantages and the main is its simple transparency. It offers the same combination of anonymity and transparency which has been introduced by Litecoin and Bitcoin. In other words, you are on the safe, legal ground when using any digital currencies from the above. Etherim also offers great security when it comes to transferring large amounts of money in a digital manner. When it comes to the live dealer casinos that accept Etherium as a payment method, a great choice is Betcoin Casino.

Betcoin Live Dealer Casino

Betcoin Casino is one of the rare live dealer casinos that accept digital currencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Etherium. Bitcoin casino was launched in 2013 in Hong Kong. Bitcoin casino is operated and owned by company Massive Luck Investment Limited, and it holds a license issued in Costa Rica. Betcoin casino offers great security for their customer since they employ top-notch SSL encryption. So you know that all your financial and personal information cannot be compromitted. Live games selection include live baccarat, live roulette American and European and live blackjack.

When you create an account on Betcoin Casino, you will be offered to choose your unique deposit address for Litecoin deposits and bitcoin deposits. All of your future deposits will be processed to these addresses that you provided, and funds will be instantly credited to your online account. Once your account if Litecoin, Bitcoin or Etherium deposited, you are ready to play.

Best Payment Methods for US Players

When it comes to the payment methods which are available for US players, unfortunately, they are not so lucky like residents from European countries. They are not offered that broad range of payment options which they can thank anti-gambling legislation which prevents US players from using their credit and debit cards to add and withdraw funds from their live dealer casino accounts. Even though in the United States online gambling is not legalized yet, US players are fortunate enough to have access to some online venues, but at the same time, they have a hard time finding the best banking methods. Therefore, if you are US resident and want to learn what are the best payment methods offered to you, keep reading.

Credit Cards: MasterCard, American Express, and Visa

There is a misconception that credit cards are not accepted as payment methods for US player, and we have to say that is not always true. Often live dealer casino which are US players friendly, allow these banking methods for depositing money, however from time to time it may happen that money transfer from players’ bank account fail, but it is mostly temporary. All major live dealer venues which accept US players tend to move from one banking method to another, and during that transition, transactions still go through. So in order to fund your online account, you can use credit and debit cards MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

The most common way to fund your account is in fact credit cards, and ninety percent of all account being funded is through this method. Visa is accepted at almost every US-friendly live dealer casino. The second place takes debit and credit MasterCard. An another convenient way for depositing money for US players is AmericanExpress or Amex. Amex is in fact widely used by American players, since it is reliable and regulated service that alerts its users every time they deposit their money at unsafe and unreliable online venues. Using credit cards Visa, MasterCard and American Express you can instantly fund your online casino account and start playing your favorite games. Withdrawal pending time is up to ninety-six hours while funding your account is done instantly. If you are a fan of live dealer games and you want to try your luck at unique, safe and reliable online gambling environment, we advise you to pay a visit to Rich Casino.


Bitcoin is not backed by Government, but it is widely used digital currency. Its value will certainly fluctuate like any other currency. On another hand one of the greatest Bitcoin advantages is that it offers its users complete anonymity and privacy. Since everyone enjoying playing games at online venues is looking for a secure and safe way of funding their accounts, Bitcoin is among the most convenient ways of doing exactly that. Also, Bitcoin keeps your private information completely secured, so you can rest assured that your personal details are never revealed. Bitcoin is in fact created in order to provide transfer funds quickly, safely, securely and anonymously regardless of your location. Bitcoin is decentralized and held entirely electronically not controlled by any institution which makes it the perfect payment method for every player especially for American residents.

Rich Casino- Great Online Destination for US Players

Rich Casino is US friendly live dealer casino offering amazing live games including roulette, baccarat, and blackjack powered by well-known software developer names Visionary iGaming, Pragramatic Play, Parlay, Betsoft, and Rival. Rich Casino is a great online venue that features dark, but the luxury-base theme and all US player are more than welcome to join and play. The casino holds a license issued by Curacao eGaming so you can rest assured that you are putting your money out at the safe and trustworthy environment. When it comes to the baking method available at Rich Casino, you can use credit cards American Express, MasterCard, and Visa to fund your online account. The Rich casino also accepts Bitcoin digital currency.

Bovada Casino: Bitcoin Accepting Live Dealer Venue

A great live dealer online venue that accepts US players is Bovada Casino. Bovada Casino also accepts Bitcoin as deposit and withdraw method in addition to credit cards so you can create your online account instantly. Bovada Casino lives dealer games portfolio includes live baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and casino hold’em powered by Real Time Gaming software. Withdrawal pending time is up to seventy-two hours. In addition to Bitcoin, Bovada Casino also offers credit cards as banking method available to US players. If you are an American resident you definitely should give Bovada Casino a try, most likely it will be your regular online destination.