Understanding Bitcoin and Live Dealer Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin has really hit its stride over the last year few years after gaining so much media attention, and being accepted in several online marketplaces. As a direct result, the demand for live dealer Bitcoin casinos have shot up and more online casinos are offering players Bitcoin as a way to deposit. The earliest adopters among Bitcoin casinos were not exactly great. The software was great and there were just a few casino games that could be played with Bitcoin.

It all changed from 2016 onward. Online casinos nowadays use Bitcoin to a much greater extent. If you are a fan of the leading cryptocurrency in the world, you can play a variety of Bitcoin table and card games as well as Bitcoin slots and even live dealer BTC games. The software and gameplay for Bitcoin casino games today are on par with all regular online casinos.

How does Bitcoin work?

Good question, we could bore you with a long technical write up, but we feel this video helps explain it better:

Or you could read this article.

The benefits of using Bitcoin to play at live dealer casinos

Some players say that Bitcoin is the ultimate deposit method at online casinos, even better than the likes of Skrill and credit cards. Here’s why:

No fees – PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and the likes are great payment options to use in live casinos. However, when you withdraw money using any of them, there is usually a transaction fee involved. How else would these eWallet sites make money? Even credit and debit cards sometimes charge a small fee when changing currencies or withdrawing from online casinos. This is not the case with Bitcoin. Players in live casinos that use the cryptocurrency will not be charged a cent.

As Bitcoin works via peer-to-peer transfers, there’s no intermediary in the way to take a cut from the transaction. This allows players to maximise their winnings at the live dealer Bitcoin casinos using the Bitcoin deposit method.

No middle man – Since it is a decentralized digital currency not regulated by any financial organization, you can easily use Bitcoin to deposit in live casinos in seconds and hit the tables right away. They needn’t worry about anyone stopping the transaction or money being held since Bitcoin is self-regulated.

Am I safe playing using Bitcoin at live dealer casinos?

Yes. Many players are still confused about the concept of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. Bitcoin only increased in popularity over the last few years and most gamblers still don’t understand how it works. Bitcoin is actually the safest currency in the world, it’s protected against inflation, safer than using credit cards for online purchases with users not having any rules to abide by, unlike many banks.

All Bitcoin transactions are stored on the blockchain (learn more about it from the video above) which ensures maximum safety.

Which live dealer games do Bitcoin casinos offer?

When searching for a good Bitcoin casino, some punters are worried that they may not offer as many games types or be as easy to access. When in fact they are pretty much the same as any other online casino you will come across. Listed below are some of the most popular live dealer Bitcoin games played on the Internet today.

Live Bitcoin blackjack –Blackjack is king when it comes to live dealer card games. Depending on the Bitcoin casino, each may offer a slight variation on the type of game. Our suggestion is to find a live dealer Bitcoin casino that offer the lowest number of card decks in play, and those which give winning players a 3/2 payout for blackjack wins rather than the typical 6/5.

Live Bitcoin roulette – Who doesn’t know how to play roulette? Even if betters don’t, it takes less than a few minutes to pick up. Live dealer Bitcoin roulette is another popular title that you should expect to see at every Bitcoin casino. Once again, you can find several variations of live Bitcoin roulette, these will include: French roulette, London roulette, immersive roulette and American roulette.

Many players are excited about French Roulette thanks to the La Partage and En Prison rules that promise half of your stake back. However, we must say that all roulette variants are exciting.

Live Bitcoin baccarat – Apart from Bitcoin blackjack and roulette, Bitcoin baccarat is the third most popular game in live casinos. A timeless classic played by punters all the over the world, you should expect to see Bitcoin baccarat in the staple of games for every Bitcoin casino betters come across.

Live Bitcoin casino Hold’em – Out of all the games mentioned, Bitcoin casino Hold’em will be the hardest to find. Although rare, quite a few live casinos with Bitcoin have Holdem in their offer. Still, its popularity among players can not be compared to blackjack, roulette or baccarat variants.

Live dealer Bitcoin casinos are not just limited to live dealer games, some will offer a dedicated poker client, Bitcoin slot machine and other virtual casino games.

As Bitcoin becomes increasingly more popular, the amount of Bitcoin casinos offering live dealer Bitcoin games will only increase. Our prediction is that within 5 years, almost every online casino will accept Bitcoin as a form of deposit. However, until then punters can play live dealer Bitcoin games at the Bitcoin friendly casinos listed in this article.

FAQ about Bitcoin Live Casinos

Is playing live dealer games with bitcoin legal?

Like gambling, the legality of bitcoin differs from one country to another. Several countries where online gambling is legal often do not mind the use of bitcoin as a payment method. Many bitcoin casinos are getting licensed and regulated, although under aa less strict jurisdictions like Curacao eGaming law.

Do I need a software or app to use bitcoin live casinos?

Mostly bitcoin live casinos operate like the standard live casinos. You may not need any software or app to play. All you need is to register an account with the Bitcoin live casino website through your computer or phone browser. Some bitcoin live casinos have functional apps.

How do I get my bitcoin wallet?

You can get a bitcoin wallet from several bitcoin wallet services on the internet. Also, some bitcoin live casino websites give you the option of creating a wallet from their websites.

What is the minimum bitcoin I can deposit or play bet on bitcoin live casino?

The minimum deposit or bet amount varies, depending on the bitcoin live casino. However, the deposit and minimum amount are not much different from a dollar or euro equivalent in regular live casinos.

Are my transactions and personal details on bitcoin live casinos safe?

One reason many live casino players are opting for bitcoin live casinos is the safety and anonymity of transactions and personal data. But it is advised that you do your due diligence when settling for a live dealer bitcoin casino.

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