Live Casino Blackjack: Play online with real dealers & money

Blackjack fans have numerous ways to enjoy different blackjack variants online. One way you can access a range of Blackjack games is by utilizing a gaming platform that offers a range of software driven games, however when using such a gaming platform each card dealt out of the cyber deck is determined by a random number generator.

The second type of blackjack games is much better. Live dealer blackjack games allow you to experience the atmosphere of a real casino without taking a trip there. You will be playing against a real life dealer when playing those types of Blackjack game online and will be able to track each stage of the game in real time thanks to a live video link up with the gaming venue they are being played in.

Not only are you able to play against real life dealers when playing live Blackjack games online but thanks to an onscreen chat room you will be able to interact with the dealers and also the other players who are playing at the same table.

If all youve tried are RNG classic blackjack games, youve surely found them a lot different than live dealer games. The former allows you to play for free, while live dealer games dont give you that opportunity.

Even though they are fair and random, a player in the middle of a losing streak may doubt the integrity of these games.

That is the main reason why more and more players are opting to play live Blackjack games as you are going to find they are played at a more normal pace much like when you are playing in a land based casino.

The way you play live dealer Blackjack is easy to understand you simply need to find an online casino offering a live dealer gaming platform and sign up to that site. Next you will need to make a real money deposit into your casino account and then select a variant to play which has table stake limits that are suitable for your gaming bankroll and your playing style.

Benefits of Playing Live Blackjack

Interested in live blackjack games? Continue reading our guide to learn why they

Simple Betting Structure – Once you have funded your casino account and launched the live dealer Blackjack game variant that appeals to you then all that remains to do is to place your initial wager onto the Blackjack table. Use the mouse pointer at the betting field and click on your preferred value of chips to start the round.

Multiple Game Variants – One of the greatest things about live dealer blackjack games is the astonishing number of variants you can enjoy. Obviously, your best bet at winning a few hands against the dealer is to pick the live variant with the lowest house edge.

Social Playing Environment – Having the ability to chat to the dealers and other players sat around your chosen Blackjack table is going to allow you to have a much more enjoyable gaming experience if of course you like a little banter when playing Blackjack. You can however turn off the chat room feature should you prefer to concentrate solely on playing off each hand dealt out to you.

Licensed Gaming Venues – The live gaming sites we have listed for your convenience are properly licensed and offer a vast choice of games. All the dealers are highly trained professionals and the games are regularly tested for fairness. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you are playing in a completely regulated gaming environment.

FAQ about Live Casino Blackjack

How do I start playing live casino blackjack?

The game is easy to play but may need some learning and strategy to become a master. All you need to do is to try to hit 21 or at least beat the total of the dealer’s card. And not exceed a total of 21.

Is Blackjack the same in all live casinos?

Blackjack games can vary from one casino to another, but basic rules are the same. Most online casinos have different variants of Blackjack based on their software providers. Different Blackjack gives a distinct visual appeal and small alterations without reinventing the wheel. 
You can read more about those little tweaks on each blackjack variant page. The popular variants include Blackjack diamond, Chinese Blackjack, Double Attack Blackjack, blackjack switch etc. 

Can I win big playing live casino blackjack?

Like every other live casino game, the size of your winning is determined by your stake. Many online live casinos put limits on not only your minimum bet but also your maximum bet. As a beginner, it is advised that you start with a small amount and stake higher as you master the game.

Can I count cards in live casino blackjack? 

Yes, you can. But this is not a recommended and profitable strategy due to bad deck penetrations. The live dealers shuffle the deck after every hand, making it hard to ‘game’ the system. 

Which live casino can I play Blackjack?

All live casinos offer blackjack games. We strongly advise that you play on a trusted casino website with low house edge And random number generator technology. All the live casinos listed and reviewed gives you a fair chance of winning blackjack games.

16. april, 2020


  1. Moonlighter says

    Blackjack Party at Leovegas is exactly my stuff. Not sure about you guys but the dealers there are usually awesome. Always fun with them even when losing. Sometimes I also play Celebrity Blackjack but I assume these are some UK celebrities. As I’m living far away from the UK I don’t know any celebrities besides the Queen and David Beckham lol Anyways, they really know how to entertain you.

  2. Daniel Jackson says

    Blackjack is also called 21- game, and we talk about a game with cards very popular in casinos around the world. The exact origin is still not fully known, but some punters still bring him in connection with several French and Italian gambling games. In the UK, the game is present for nearly half a century, but informally called “pontoon”. Rules of the game of blackjack online are the same as in a traditional casino. You can play with small bets, the game is very easy to grasp and understand.

  3. Black Jack says

    Did you know that the first country where he began playing online blackjack was Antigua and Barbuda, where the company Microgaming managed to earn millions?

    Back in the days, the software for the simulation of casino games then was not nearly as well developed as it is today. And even despite the fact that they did not have great visual and sound effects, players are still continually play 21 blackjack. The software is now significantly progressed, but has many more options than before, when the players allowed very few opportunities. Just as he did in real casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, blackjack online has evolved into a fantastic online game, you can play on your smartphone.

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