Best Deposit Methods for Singaporean live Dealer Casino Players

When choosing an online casino to play with, deposit and cashout methods are an important thing to consider. After all, we all want to play on a casino where we will have plenty of depositing options and where our withdrawals will be safe and quick.

For Singaporean players, online casino banking is not a big problem, as there are plenty of payment methods that allow the citizens of Singapore to use them to process their payments. Let us consider some of the most common payment methods in Singapore and their pros and cons.

Visa Cards

One of the most popular providers of credit and debit cards in the world is Visa. The internationally accepted credit cards make for an easy and fast way of making payments, and nearly any bank in Singapore and worldwide can provide them.

Visa deposits are usually processed instantly at online casinos. The slight disadvantage of using Visa in online casinos is that users have to type out their credit card number and CCV when making deposits, which can make the information vulnerable to external attacks. Nevertheless, while playing on a safe online casino, your info will be protected on their end and all you need to do is make sure your computer is not under direct attack, which rarely happens.

Visa cashouts can take up to a week at times, which is another slight con of using a Visa for online gambling. Yet, the convenience of this payment method and the sheer popularity of the cards make Visa one of the most common payment methods for online casino players in Singapore.


eNETS is a company that operates exclusively in Asia, making Singapore one of its main target markets. The company provides fast and reliable payments for account holders of various Asian banks, with all the major banks supported. This service allows users to make online payments using their credit and debit cards issued by these banks, without having to provide their banking details to any casino providers directly, making it a convenient way to bank online.

The service features extremely easy use, multilingual customer support for Asian customers and can be used from a variety of devices including mobile phones. If you are a holder of a bank account with a bank in Singapore, eNETS will be one of the more convenient ways to make your deposits.


One of the world’s most popular e-wallets, Skrill is a service that allows users to make deposits and cashouts from online gambling sites with few questions asked. The Skrill wallet can be loaded using cards or bank accounts from many countries of the world including Singapore.

Skrill deposits are instant with most online casinos, while the cashouts are usually also extremely fast. The main flaw of Skrill is the fact that withdrawals from the wallet to the bank account or credit card can be costly, with players losing up to 10% of their money in the process. Nevertheless, the speed and convenience that Skrill provide make it one of the most popular payment methods for players from Singapore.

Skrill serves as an intermediary between the bank and the online casino, making player’s banking details 100% safe. If you are unsure about how safe an online casino is, using Skrill will greatly diminish all your fears as you will never have to share a single piece of banking information with the casino itself.


Another world renowned e-wallet, PayPal was first invented for eCommerce use and later became an important player in online banking in general. Players can use PayPal to make deposits from their credit cards or debit cards directly, without even having to load up their accounts. In turn, PayPal protects player’s banking info, making him feel safer.

PayPal is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to make online casino deposits in Singapore and players can also use it to make speedy and cheap cashouts. Those players aiming to avoid paying the large Skrill fees can use PayPal instead and only pay a minor fee for withdrawals.


Last on our list of the most popular payment methods is Paysafecard, a pre-paid payment method that provides complete safety and anonymity. Paysafecards are bought in local stores for cash money and a code from the card is then inserted in the online casino deposit box, which makes the cash available in the player’s balance.

Paysafecard is the ultimate safety tool for online casino players, who get to keep all their banking info 100% secure and not share it with anyone. That way there is no risk of any intrusions or hacking. The one con of Paysafecard is that players cannot use it to make cashouts, which means Singaporean customers will still have to use another payment method to cash out any potential winnings.