Most popular live dealer Casino Games

One aspect to playing casino games via a live dealer gaming platform is that you are not going to find a huge range of casino games, as obviously there are only a limited number of card and table games which can be played in a live dealer format!

However, if you do enjoy playing card games and table games then there will be more than enough to keep you busy and entertained, and in this playing guide we are going to be taking a look at the most popular live dealer games for all players.

If you do fancy getting stuck into playing any of the game that are listed below then take a look around our website as we have plenty of top rated and fully licensed and regulated live dealer casino sites all fully reviewed for you several of which are offering new players some very generous bonus offers!

Live Blackjack – The number one and most played live dealer casino card game is of course Blackjack and when you choose to play it online then you will not only find several different variants on offer but there will be lots of different stakes available to you, so it can be a low or high stake game depending on your playing style.

You will also find that many live dealer casinos offer their real money blackjack players’ comps and also bonuses, so always be on the lookout for any special promotional offers as the bonuses you can often claim will give you lots of additional playing value!

Live Roulette – You are going to have a very fun and very exciting time if you opt to give one of the live Roulette games some play time, however do be aware that depending on just which casino site you choose to play at you are going to come across a range of different variants.

One of the best games you can play if you enjoy playing live dealer roulette is the French Roulette game or the European Roulette game. The former is ideally suited to players who only ever play the even money paying wagers on the betting layout as when a zero is spun in you do not lose your staked on the even money paying positions.

You will either get half of your stakes back or the bets stay on the betting layout for the next spin. If you prefer placing any other wager on the roulette games betting layout then the European Roulette game is worth playing at those betting opportunities come with a low house edge of just 2.70% and due to only one single zero being in play on the roulette wheel!

Live Baccarat – One game which will certainly appeal to a lot of players is the live dealer Baccarat game. This game when played in a live dealer format will give you just as much excitement and winning opportunities as when you play it in a land based casino!

The payout odds you will receive are going to be just as high and appealing as the odds attached to Baccarat games played elsewhere and you will of course always be able to find a take with stake limits in place that suits your bankroll. You are also going to be able interact if you wish to with the dealers and other players via a chat room feature, however you can turn it off it you do not wish to have any interaction with the dealers or other players.

Live Casino Hold’em – You will find one final casino game on offer at many live dealer casino sites and that game is Casino Hold’em. Do not mix this game up with the live poker games that are available online as this game is not a game whereby you are playing with the aim of betting all other players sat around your table.

Whilst you will of course be sat around a gaming table with lots of other players but remotely form wherever you happen to be when playing Casino Hold’em you and all other players are simply tasked with beating the dealers hand with the cards dealt out to you.

Depending on whether the dealers hand qualities and what the value of your hand is a range of payouts can and will be awarded to you, some of which are very large in size! You will find lots of different table stake limits in play on Casino Hold’em games so you will not have any problems finding a live table that suits your playing bankroll and gambling budget!

FAQ about the best live Casino Games

How do live casino games work?

The games in online live casino games work the same way as in brick and mortar casinos. But this time from the comfort of your room or on the go via your mobile devices, making use of optical recognition technology, sensors, Game Control unit and other technologies.

Are live dealer games fair?

Online live casinos try to maintain fairness and the randomness of the game outcomes using Random Number Generator. The technology makes it hard to cheat the players as international auditing companies periodically audit reputable casinos. 

What are the house edges in live casino games?

Ever heard of the cliché – the house always wins? Casinos generally do not necessarily make money from your losses—every casino, whether traditional, online or live casino has a predetermined advantage called the house edge. Live casino games with a lower house edge give you better chances of winning. Always compare the house edge of your preferred casino to know if you are being treated fairly.

Can Play Live casino games on my mobile?

Yes, a lot of live dealer games are made available on mobile through mobile version and dedicated apps.

What are the best live casino games to play? 

To win in any casino game, you need a touch of luck and sometimes right decision making. Every fair casino game gives you a chance to win. The best game depends on your interests and what is fun for you. The most played table games on live casinos in no particular order are 
Sic Bo, Poker
Caribbean Stud
Three card poker
And more

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