Live Casino Hold’em: Play online with real dealers & money

You will often find yourself being attracted to give the live Casino Hold’em games some play time when you are logged into an online casino site offering a live gaming platform, for those games come with a range of bonus payouts that can return some much larger winning payouts than card games such as Baccarat and Blackjack.

You will however first need to find an online casino site that does offer a live gaming platform for the vast majority of casinos online only have the software driven and random number generator controlled games on offer.

However, we have a range of casino sites fully reviewed throughout our website all of which do boast a live gaming platform and as such simply register as a new player at any of those casino sites and you will then be bale to make a deposit and then get stuck into playing their live Casino Hold’em games straight away.

The way live Casino Hold’em games have been structured is quite easy to understand, and to be involved with any game about to start you are first required to place an Ante Bet onto the betting box assigned to you on the table, and you will also be given the option of placing an additional but non obligatory bonus bet too.

Once all players have placed their chosen wagers and the onscreen timer ticks down to zero the dealer will then deal out to two Hole Cards to the players and also two Hole Cards to him or herself.

A set of three Community Cards are then dealt out in the middle of the table. Once those cards have been dealt out you are faced with either placing another bet known as a Call Bet onto the betting layout and by doing so you will then get to stay in the game and the dealer will then deal out the remaining two community cards, or you can opt to Fold your hand and by doing so you will lose your Ante bet and you will take no further part in that game.

If you call your hand then an additional two cards will be dealt out to the Community cards and you will then be tasked with beating the dealers hand with a five card poker hand made up of any combination of your two Hole Cards and the Community Cards

Benefits of Playing Live Casino Hold’em

Let us now give you a quick run through of the benefits you will have coming your way if you choose to play live dealer Casino Hold’em online as opposed to playing the standard software driven version of these games.

Staking Options – The stake levels at which you can play live Casino Hold’em for at any online casino site will be adjustable and the minimum permitted wager can be as low as just 1.00 per hand. However, depending on just which casino you choose to play at you will find the maximum permitted table stake per hand you choose to play off could be as high as 1000.00 per hand.

Bonus Bet – The Bonus Bet is a completely optional type of side bet wager, however by placing that bet you will be able to pick up and be paid out a range of bonus payouts once certain hand combinations have been dealt out to you.

You will find a full payout schedule listed on a small sign on the Casino Hold’em table you are playing on which will give you a complete overview of just which hand combinations you need to be dealt out to receive a winning Bonus Bet payout.

Live Gaming – You will find live Casino Hold’em games offer players a much more social type of online gaming experience for you are not only going to be able to keep track of every single card dealt out to you and also the dealer performing the shuffle via the live video link up, but you can also make use of a chat room

That chat room feature will allow you to interact with the dealer and also any of the other players logged into that game, however the chat room can always be deactivated if you do not wish to utilize it.

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  1. High Roller says

    Low bets are for recreational players and I don’t see any reason why would you play from as low as a single pound against a live dealer??? How much you will actually score this way? 2 or 3 quid? Live dealer Casino Hold’em games are naturally made for high rollers. Look, just imagine the thrill when you bet max and beat the dealer. Now, is it better to fill your pockets with – let’s say 2.000 – or 2? And a feeling when you put that smile off his face – no money can’t buy it 😀 😀

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