Live Casino Craps: Play online with real dealers & money

Wander into any land based casino and one of the most social types of casino games you will come across will be the table game of Craps. However, when you log into most online casinos you will find a software driven version of Craps available which uses a random number generator to determine the outcome of each roll of the dice.

Anyone with experience of playing Craps in a real live playing environment will find those software driven games do not compare as well to the live versions of the game in many ways. In fact as you can play a huge number of individual rounds of Craps on the software driven versions of the game in such a short space of time you will find you will often experience some much more noticeable runs of both winning outcomes and losing outcomes.

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If you are the type of Craps player who wants the camaraderie and player interaction found on Craps games available in land based casinos then you will be interested in the next generation of online casino games one of which is a live Craps game.

To play live Craps online you will first have to locate a casino site offering a live gaming platform, and we have several of the top rated and fully licensed casinos offering a live gaming platform showcased throughout this website.

Simply register as a new player at any of those casinos and once you have logged into your newly opened casino account you will next have to make a deposit into your account, and once done you are the free to launch the live Craps game.

One thing you will notice when you launch the Crap games is that a live video link up will be established with the gaming venue where the Craps games are being played. That does of course mean at all times you are able to see the game in full play and the way in which you place your bets onto the Craps tables betting layout is by pointing you mouse over the betting position you wish to place a wager on and then clicking your mouse to have your chips placed onto that position.

Craps is of course a two part game and you will be able to place your bets and wagers on the permitted betting opportunities at various stages of the game. As you are able to see the game in full flow at all times via the live video link up you will be getting a much greater sense of fair play, and will never be left at the mercy of a random number generator!

Benefits of Playing Live Craps

The online live Craps games which you are going to be able to access and play at any of our featured casino sites will offer you just as many benefits as when you choose to play Craps in a land based casino, along with a few additional extras, so read on to find what those little extras are and why more and more people are choosing to play live Craps games online.

Variable Chip Settings – When logged into a casino site offering live Craps game you will be able to alter and adjust the value of your casino chips and will find the Craps tables have low and high table stake limits attached to them, so playing for an affordable stake per game is something you can easily do and you will never be forced to play for too high a stake level.

Much More Sedate Pace – As the live Craps games are being played in a physical land based casino you will find the games are played at a more sedate pace than those software driven games many online casino have on offer. Plus with a chat room attached to each game you will be able to talk and interact with other players just like you can do when playing in a land based casino.

Bonuses and Player Comps – You will also have your fair share of casino bonuses being made available to you when you do decide to play live Dealer Craps games online. Plus each casino will have their own comp and loyalty schemes which will allow you to earn comp points based on the level of real money action you give their respective Craps games.

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