Live Casino Sic Bo: Play online with real dealers & money

Sic Bo is a Chinees word that means dice pair. The game originates in ancient China. When it comes to the live Sic Bo is it played using a live dealer and three dice. The fundamental idea of the game is very simple, you make a certain bet on a particular kind of dice roll outcome. Then the dice will be rolled. If the result of your bet appears, you win. In the other hand if it doesn’t appear you lose your bet.

As the popularity of the game has continued to grow rapidly, a greater number of live dealer casinos have been inundated with numerous requests from players to offer Live Sic Bo. Today players are able to feel more like a part of action since you can play Live Sic Bo at every major online gambling venue. If you are a huge Sic Bo fan then you must certainly know what great excitement and fun Live Sic Bo game offer in comparison to classic online Sic Bo which can’t provide you sounds and sight like live Sic Bo. The game provides a chance for players to feel like they are actually there where all the action happens so obviously the overall game enjoyment has been greatly increased.

The Advantages of Playing Live Sic Bo

Live games designers are making a greater effort in order to improve the graphics of the game and enhance the overall gaming experience, and there is not much left to be improved when it comes to the Live Sic Bo since the game is already enhanced to the whole new level of gaming experience. Players are able to see the dealer in person as well as all the surroundings. They don’t have to play against already programmed game like like it is the case with classic online Sic Bo game. The overall gaming experience is much more authentic. Players also have an opportunity to interact and commun9cate with the live dealer via video function or via chat. Sic Bo real time streaming means you are able to see thing as they happen. Sic Bo game environment is pretty much like that you can see in land-based casinos.

While playing Live Sic Bo it is pretty much straightforward, but it may challenging to choose the software you would like to use while playing the game. However, casino provider giants including Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech have all come up with their version of the game. So before you start your game, figure out which of these providers the best suits your needs and tastes.

How to Play Live Sic Bo

When it comes to rules of the game, there is absolutely no difference between the game you play at brick and mortar casinos and Live Dealer Keno. Your fate is mostly in the hands of three dices that are encased in a glass dome. In other words, you have to be prepared for what bets you are willing to make. The best that you choose will be dependant on what type of the player you are. You may be balanced risk player, low or high roller. There are eight types of bets you can make. Small bet wins if the total sum of three dices if four to ten. On the other hand, the big bet wins on a total of eleven to seventeen. Neither big or small wins if the three dices are the same number which is a three of a kind. The payout ratio is one to one.

Placing a number but in fact, means that you want a certain number to appear on as many dices as possible. So you select a number and place your chips on number’s corresponding area. In the case when your chosen number appears one time, you bet will be paid in ratio one to one. If your number appears two times than your bet will be paid in ratio two to one. In the case when both of your numbers appear, your bet pays five to one. Pair bet is when you make a bet on any of the fifteen possible two-dice combinations. Your bet pays five to one. The total bet is when you want the total sum of three dices to be a specific amount. The double bet is when you bet on a certain pair to appear. In the case when at least two of the chosen numbers appear, your bet will be paid I ration ten to one. The triple bet is when you bet on a certain triple to appear. Any triple is when all three dices have the same number. It is paid thirty to one.

Live Sic Bo offers a great gaming experience, so you can play for real money without leaving your home. As soon as you sing up with live dealer casino which offers live Sic Bo, you most certainly you won’t ever go back to the classic Sic Bo game.