Understanding Live Dealer Casinos on Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are a wonderful thing, they allow gamblers to have fun at live dealer casinos whether they are on the train, on their work break or just lying in bed. Not all mobile casinos offer live dealer games which are mobile compatible, but the ones mentioned in this article all have optimized their tables to give bettors a enhanced experience.

What do I need to play live dealer games on my mobile?

More often than not you will need two things, they are:

Internet – If your mobile device is unable to connect to either a WiFi spot or doesn’t have 3G or 4G mobile capabilities, you sadly won’t be able to play mobile live dealer games. Keep in mind that when playing mobile online casinos, you’re downloading a live stream, sometimes a weak 3G connection may not be strong enough to play.

Compatible device – Several mobile live dealer casinos have their own dedicated apps that can be downloaded via their casino website. The ones which don’t will require your mobile device to have a built in mobile browser to access certain sites.

Mobile casino apps and browser based casinos can be played on various smartphones and tablet devices.

Are mobile live dealer casinos worth playing on?

This is a common questions asked by many mobile gamblers, and the short answer is yes and no. Some online casinos such as Royal Vegas and 888Casino have their own mobile live dealer casino app that specialises live dealer games only. Their mobile app was built specifically for this niche and they work really well offering mobile gamers a great experience.

Many mobile casinos provide enhancements to make their gameplay simple to use and effective. These are some features you should look out for when selecting the best live dealer mobile casino:
Touch friendly interfaces – The ease of use of a mobile app is a huge factor when looking to play on your mobile device. Look for mobile apps casinos that have larger buttons to perform actions and clearly differentiate between betting options, while making functionality smooth and simple.

Data compressing – If a mobile casino is optimized, it will compress the data sent between your mobile device and their severs. This allows data to be transferred at a much faster pace, allowing gamblers to play using their 3G connection without comprising action or game flow.

Easy to deposit – Several live dealer casino mobile apps have a dedicated feature giving punters easy options to deposit and withdraw. Some mobile apps even have a feature that allows punters to take a picture of their bank card, and it will scan and automatically enter their details onto the screen.

However, having said all this, some mobile casinos are less than desirable for mobile play. Each mobile casino displayed in this article has been tried and tested to ensure all our readers only play on the best mobile casino sites.

Although not always the case, a few mobile casinos offer a mobile live dealer experience via web browser. If the online casino hasn’t optimized their site to provide you with a user-friendly interface, it can be almost impossible to play. From our experience, mobile casinos that run off the Playtech network have great features.

Mobile live dealer casinos – are they safe?

Yes. Whether you’re playing on your mobile device or your desktop computer, the safety of mobile live dealer casinos shouldn’t be put into question. More often than not the question of security shouldn’t lie with the mobile casino, but rather the Internet connection you’re using on your mobile device.

Always play on a secure network and avoid connecting to mobile live dealer casinos when using public WiFi spots. Buses, trains and shopping malls all offer free WiFi for nearby users, but remember that connection is shared by hundreds of other people. Always keep you username and password safe and never have it written down anywhere on your mobile.

Mobile players can play using their mobile device, but restrictions may apply for real money games.

What operating system do I need?

That varies from mobile casino to mobile casino. Some work on all OSs, but the most popular ones are Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry. Mobile gamblers can still play mobile live dealer games on older devices that use Java, but the gameplay may not be as fluid as using an Android or iOS device.

Which is better – mobile or desktop casinos?

One isn’t necessarily better than the other. While playing on a laptop offers you a bigger screen and the option to play several tables at once with ease, it’s a much longer process to get playing and bettors are forced to play only at home. Whereas mobile casinos offer punters smaller screens, they allow them to instantly login within a few seconds regardless of their location, and start spreading bets. Both mobile and desktop casinos have their pros and cons, but remember, it doesn’t cost nothing to have a client installed on your PC and an app on your mobile device.

Where can I find online casino mobile apps?

For some ambiguous reason, popular mobile application stores such as Google Play and the Apple App store do not allow certain types gambling applications in their stores. This doesn’t mean mobile live casino apps don’t exist, because they do but some may not appear on the more popular app stores. Most have to be download either from lesser known mobile app stores or via the online casino website directly. For example, Royal Vegas and 888Casino offer free downloads of their live dealer casino apps for Android and Apple devices.

To round off this article, playing at a live dealer casinos on a mobile is really no different from playing it on your computer. Asides from having a smaller screen, there’s not much difference in gameplay if betters pick an online mobile casino that’s optimized for mobile devices. If you would like to know more about mobile dealer casinos, check out our articles on online live dealer casinos that work on iPhone and iPad devices, or live dealer casino working on Android devices. Or check out some detailed online casino reviews before signing up and depositing at any casino site.


  1. Robbie ManUtd says

    To play online casino on your mobile device is easy, as well as using a PC. There are casinos that have their own application (casino app), so that you access your favorite casino, the only one touch away. In this case, when you try to access the online casino via your mobile, you will be notified that there is an application. Installation is easy, just like any other Android or iOS app.

    In case there was no such application, a casino site adjusts to your device and you only need to enter your username and password. If you have funds on the account, you can play immediately, if not, deposit and pay off the money over to the mobile casino is very simple and is set so that with one finger, you perform transactions.

  2. says

    One of the biggest advantages of the mobile casinos is exactly the access to the casino and to your favorite casino games from everywhere. If you get bored while queing or perhaps while waiting for the bus, you can take out your smartphone and play a few rounds on the your favorite slot game and possibly win enough money for your own transport!

    The advantage are also casino games, especially slots, which are perfect for devices with touch screens. The graphics are perfect and fluent, the games are fast and optimized for navigation with one finger.

    Flaws… there is not much, but they’re still here. The largest is a bit smaller selection of casino games, but if you play the popular slot games, or perhaps table games like roulette, blackjack or video poker, you’ll find in any casino via your mobile. Also, if you play, you can miss the bus that you are waiting for …

  3. says

    iPhone has revolutionized the mobile industry. Smartphone that is easy to use and with a great touch screen, not only is totally changed the mobile market, but has brought tremendous changes in the casino industry, which responded immediately and because almost every online casino is set for iPhone. While the iPhone does not support Flash technology, sites are specially developed to suit the iOS platform.

    Casino on the iPhone is great, but on the iPad is much better. The reason is a larger screen and resolution, and thus a better atmosphere.

  4. Betting man says

    Paddy power still have one of the best mobile apps going. Fast and reliable, thats why its so popular

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