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With mobile devices becoming more and more advanced, players can do almost anything they want on their smartphone or tablet device, including gamble. As the need for live dealer casinos that work on Android rises, online casinos are now designing Android casino apps allowing players to get the most from their mobile experience. Android casino apps can be found at Google Play.

The advantages of playing at an Android casino app

At first glance, punters may be turned off playing at live dealer casinos on their Android smartphone or tablet, because they feel the screen is too small or playing will just be too difficult. For most live dealer casinos with Android casino apps, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Nowadays, almost every huge casino has a dedicated Android casino app that has been created to work perfectly on every Android advice.

Using an Android casino app has the following advantages:

Play anywhere –As long as you have an Internet connection. The biggest problem with using a computer is you need to be in a specific location to play. Then you have to turn on the computer, wait for it to load, start the client and only then can you start playing. Using an Android app you can play real money games on your Android device anywhere within seconds. Whether you’re lying in bed bored not knowing what to do, on the way to work or just relaxing in the park, all you need is a reliable Internet connection and an Android device.

Safety – When playing for real money, safety is always a concern. The fact of the matter is that playing real money games on Android is actually a lot safer than using a PC. A PC has more security threats and there’s thousands upon thousands of viruses that can compromise protection. Whereas an Android smartphone or tablet is more immune to most viruses, making it a safer option to play live dealer games on smartphone or tablet devices.

Selection of games – Just because the typical Android device is smaller than a PC, doesn’t mean it falls short on game selection. Common Android live dealer games include:

Android live dealer blackjack – Just like for the PC, live dealer blackjack on Android devices play in the same way. Each Android mobile casino will have different variations of Android blackjack, offering players unlimited options.

Android live dealer roulette – Once again, just like you have for the PC, Android live dealer roulette plays in the same way. Gamblers have just as many options and can bet as if they were on a PC. Each Android casino will have several variations of Android roulette.

Android live dealer baccarat – Yes you guessed it, Android baccarat plays just like its PC counterpart. Android casinos offer a number of game variations and identical betting options that come with playing on a PC.

Android casino apps are not just limited to live dealer casino games, but they also offer Android slots, Vegas games and sports betting options.

Finding the perfect Android casino

When searching for the right Android casino, gamblers need to take the following factors into consideration:

Functionality – A huge factor when selecting the right Android casino is to find a site that work well on your mobile device. Certain casinos such as Royal Vegas have their own dedicated Android app, which is very intuitive and lets players bet for real money using their Android device.

Selection of games – Game selection is important. Search for a casino that has a wide selection of Android casino games. You don’t want to play at an Android casino that doesn’t have many Android casino games as you may get bored too quickly.

Deposit options – What is you preferred method of deposit? Does your chosen Android live dealer casino cater for it? The number of options for getting money on and off a live dealer casino also needs to be factored in.

Support and service – Regardless of whether you’re playing on an Android supported casino or not, the casino support and service should always be factored in when picking the perfect Android live dealer casino. The last thing anyone needs is an online casino that doesn’t respond to emails or is known for poor customer service.

Can you play for real money with Android smartphones and tablet devices?

Yes you can! Every Android live dealer casino listed in this article allows punters to play real money casino games on their Android smartphone or tablet device.

What’s needed to play at Android Casinos for real money?

Just two things, an Android device and an Internet connection. Android casinos can work on a 3G connection but we suggest only playing live dealer games on Android when the connection is stable. Since you will be live streaming a video, it’s recommended to have a fast Internet connection. Playing when travelling or while on the move is not recommended as the signal may be affected.

Not every live dealer casino has created dedicated Android casino apps yet, but as Android devices become ever more popular, we expect to see more online casinos with Android capabilities coming soon.

FAQ about Android Live Casinos

How do I download and play android live casinos?

You can download the android app of your preferred live casino from its main casino website. Often, there is a button that either directs you to the app on the Play store. Or you can download it directly. You can also search for the name of your preferred app on the Play store app. After downloading and accessing the app, log in with your details, or sign up for a new account.

Can I play for free on Android live casinos?

Not really. The android live casino has the same set up with a regular casino. Streaming live games to your devices also include a gaming studio and live dealers. The cost of setting up those and limited space makes it not feasible to offer free live games.

Can I get bonuses on an android live casino?

Android live casinos also give bonuses like the regular desktop casino. Android live casino players are also eligible for welcome bonuses and other promotions of a live casino. Android live casinos, sometimes, have enticing bonuses to attract android mobile users.

Are Android casinos licensed and regulated?

It is highly advised that you only download and play on an android casino from reputable online casinos. These online casinos, some of which you can find on our website, are licensed and trustworthy.

What games are available on Android live casinos?

Almost all the player’s favorites offered on the regular online casinos are available on Android live casinos. The familiar games are Baccarat, blackjack, roulette, video poker, and much more.

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